O'Hara & Hunter Consulting, Inc.

Licensed QRC Firm


“O'Hara & Associates is one of the best rehabilitation service providers in the state of Minnesota. Their staff is prompt, professional and courteous.”
- Caroline Bell Beckman, Attorney
“I had a great QRC from O'Hara & Associates. She helped me cope with my frusteration and her patience was limitless. She was genuinely concerned about my welfare and did a fantastic job. ”
- JoAnne, former client
“When I refer clients to O'Hara & Associates I know they will be given every opportunity to get back on their feet.”
- Stuart Goldenberg, Attorney
“My QRC took time to understand my point of view. She will never know how much her assistance helped me.”
- Deeanna, former client
“The services I received from O'Hara & Associates were invaluable. My QRC gave me direction, as well as hope.”
- Pamela, former client
“The staff of O'Hara & Associates testify in a professional, organized and highly effective manner.”
- Ronald Meuser, Jr., Attorney